Until now and in the future Trust MARUFUKU
Until now and in the future Trust MARUFUKU
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About Marufuku
About Marufuku

120 years of pride
Bringing the finest product
is Marufuku's
genuine commitment.

Marufuku's mission is to provide safe and flavorsome meat that everyone can have with peace-of-mind. While continuing the tradition of our 120-year business, we strive to add value to suit the ever-changing needs of each generation. At our processing center, we manufacture safe and secure processed meat for our customer as well for large-scale chain restaurants, we ensure the highest level of hygiene during the process.
Our management team focus on superior sourcing ingredients and our meat professionals carefully select the top quality meat such as Japanese Black Beef. Moreover we respond to the needs of a wide range of customers from single families to specialty stores, restaurant chains and many more.
We are continuing our hard work with sincerity. From the past to the future, MARUFUKU aims to be a reliable company for everyone.

About Marufuku

Carefully selected
to provide
a genuine taste

Our company "Marufuku" has reached the 120th anniversary of our founding as a meat wholesaler. With the bond of trust from our valued customers and business partners, we have <the Home of Meat> located at Habikino, Osaka, and our direct-managed store <Kitchen of Naniwa> at Tenma Osaka. We feel so grateful for your support and love. That being said, the meat industry has been on a rocky road from time to time, faced major global problems such as infectious diseases O157, BSE and many food safety and labelling problems. Under such circumstances, we promise to place food safety at the highest priority and aim to provide, develop and produce the high-quality food to customers. <Food/Eating> is one of the greatest pleasures in life; it is a treasure which you can enjoy with your family and friends and feel joy in life. We will continually move forward to be a company that makes customers and employees smile from the heart. Thank you for supporting us.

Representative Director
Mitsuhiro Takemura

Company Profile

Company Name Marufuku Limited Company
Representative President and CEO Mitsuhiro, Takemura
Established 2001 Jun 21 (Founded 1896)
Business Meat processing ・wholesale ・retail
(Range from small stores to large chains are welcomed)
Address Headquarter
〒583-0883 2 Chome-8-1,
Mukaino, Habikino-shi, Osaka-fu

Store (Direct-managed Store)
〒530-0043 1F Temmabashi House, 3
Chome-6-14 Tenma, Kita Ward, Osaka,
Capital 5,000,000 Yen
Bank Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Seikyo Credit Union
ITOHAM FOODS Inc. / Kansai Prima Meat Hanbai K.K
Sales Fujio Food Group / Nankai FD Service K.K
Diamond Society Group / M&M FOODS Co., Ltd
GOSSO K.K / Hakubishi CO.,Ltd. / K.K TOMIYA COFFEE
Howdy Inc. Co. Ltd / CENTRAL FOODS Co., Ltd. / KARAKAN K.K
Kuze Co.,Ltd. / OIE SANGYO Co., Ltd


Meat processing

Producing and manufacturing processed meat under thorough hygiene management, especially temperature control of refrigerators and freezers. Also, hygiene education for our service team, knowledge of disinfection and cleaning in order to ensure safe, delicious, quality meat.


We offer wholesale meat and processed food for business and commercial implementation (B2B). We are attentive regarding delivery and shipments. Large blocks of meat will be sliced,minced, cut into small blocks which are easy for customer to use.Under this service, many customers have a long term trust on our products & services. We would be pleased for you to be our next valued customer. Please feel free to contact us.

Retail store

At Marufuku retail stores, we sincerely provide the best-tasting meat selected by our team of experience butchers. We also welcome gram-cut orders (customized, made to order) in via phone call.


Job Function Sales of meat, meat processing, sales, administration, delivery
Employment Terms Full-time, part-time
Job duties Meat processing, sales
Work location Tenma Kita Ward, Habikino-shi, Osaka
Qualification N/A
Working Hour 7AM~4PM, 9AM~5PM (Negotiable)
Holidays Sundays, Public holiday, Summer holiday, New Year Holiday
Salary Depends on expereince
Benefit Transportation subsidy, with lunch meal
Application Method Tel, e-mail (anytime)


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About the handling of personal information

Marufuku Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "our company") has established a personal information protection policy as described below, has established a mechanism for personal information protection, and has made all employees aware of the importance of personal information protection and efforts. By doing so, we will promote the protection of personal information.

Management of personal information
In order to keep the customer's personal information accurate and up-to-date and to prevent unauthorized access, loss, damage, falsification, leakage of personal information, etc., we maintain a security system, maintain a management system, and provide employee training. We will take necessary measures such as thoroughness, implement safety measures, and strictly manage personal information.

Purpose of using personal information
The personal information entrusted to us by our customers will be used for sending e-mails and materials for contacting us, providing business guidance and answering questions.

Prohibition of disclosure and provision of personal information to third parties
We will properly manage personal information entrusted to us by our customers and will not disclose personal information to a third party unless any of the following cases apply.
・With customer's consent
・When disclosing to a contractor that our company outsources to perform the service that the customer desires
・When it is necessary to disclose in accordance with laws and regulations

Safety measures for personal information
We take all possible security measures to ensure the accuracy and safety of personal information.

Personal inquiry
If the customer wishes to inquire, correct or delete his or her personal information, we will confirm the identity of the individual before handling.

Compliance and review of laws and norms
We will comply with Japanese laws and regulations and other norms that apply to the personal information we hold, review the content of this policy from time to time, and strive to improve it.

Regarding the handling of personal information Be sure to check the above contents, and if you agree, please check "I agree to the handling of personal information" Please press the "Confirm input contents" button to proceed.

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